Welcome to Aoife’s first Post.

Welcome to Wylde Wood Island, with my small Circle of Peace on the Web. A simple stone circle, freedom to enter and/or exit, with no beginning or end or barriers to the vision.

A place where my experiences of this life and the knowledge gained from the University of Life have given me the confidence to move forward to define a new life for myself.

I am an empath, have a sensitive and effeminate nature, an obstinate streak and, above all else, a love and devotion to our Lord, God, Father or any other name by which you may know Him.

This is not the god of the Christians, Jews and Muslims. I believe He has turned His back on these groups a long time ago as they devour themselves in their petty political manoeuvrings and blatant acts that no God of a loving and generous nature would accept in His name.

My Mission Statement is simply “To harmonise my Spiritual Self with the reality surrounding me”.

My goal is to share this with you in ways that are safe for all concerned, uplifting to all involved, and to do it in a manner that all differences are simply a method to everyone coming out a little wiser.

I will not tolerate any remarks that are intended to be offensive nor do I intend to offend anyone. However, words must be said to address the issues that this world faces and the possible solutions that are, or will become, apparent.

You are welcome to follow this blog as I publish and will appreciate your feedback and comments. If you wish, I am offering a membership which will allow a greater interaction with myself and greater access to my work as I continue my writing and research.

For a small number of people I am also offering a Mentorship which will involve entering and committing to a much more personal relationship with me on-line.

For those of you who are also empaths, you will understand I must observe the absolute importance of setting personal boundaries to prevent the burnout and strain that comes from lack of attention to personal care.

The above paragraph is an admission that I have not been doing this in the past. This website is my way to step out yet retain the boundaries that will protect me.

As you will see from the Membership and Mentorship pages, I will not accept your application or payment until we have both agreed that our on-line relationship has a real chance of long term success.

The reason for the creation of thewyldewoodway.com is to develop a small but cohesive group who hold similiar values to myself. This is not a program or some such exercise to sell a product.

I offer my words freely to all, knowing there will only be a small number who hold similiar values. If that is you, please contact me and we will see what a common purpose can achieve.

Blessings to you all,