Who is God?

Is it right to treat God as a person?

If God is Spirit do we hear a voice?

Is God real?

Is the God of the “Christian” faith the one and only God?

Does the “Christian” faith have a God?

Does God care?

My journey has asked all these questions and many more.

Aoife’s Insights comes as a desire to share my thoughts and understandings of “faith” and the interaction with this world and its corporate structure. Its endless pursuit of labels to describe an individual and the consequences of being different.

I make no apology for my thoughts and writings. I do not mean to offend but I find myself offended by the many and varied ways used to control my thoughts and actions in  some subtle, many less than subtle and the often downright violent attitudes focused on in the varied media.

This is my small way in which to put a different point of view to the world. I may be seen as pissing into the wind, however, I am claiming my right to say it as I see it.

My view of God is tainted by my upbringing in one of the christian denominations. I am not a trained theologian, thankfully. My theological insights come from a personal experience of seeking sense and order in a world of impending chaos.

That the wheels will fall off this particular wagon at some point, probably not too distant, is not my insight alone. It is in fact a fear of many so called ordinary people walking the streets, or forced to actually live on those same streets.

God has the unfortunate position of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in a persons/society/culture life but never receives any credit when those same individuals or groups have success in their endeavours.

So is it right to treat God as a person?

In our science biased culture we look at God as something to be studied. A university course in theology (to study theism) gives us another set of letters after our name in our pursuit of education. It does not require a faith of any sort.

Education makes us so much smarter than the next person and certainly we pity the poor cave man of history, or remote tribe, because they cannot be as clever as us.

KISS (Keep It Simple Simon) is the way of asking a better question. All the education in the world is not about gathering information. It is to have a better understanding of “asking a better question”.

My Insights are about asking a better question and seeking answers that are not in the convoluted terminology of theology throughout the ages.

So is it right to treat God as a person?

The simple answer is that He is a person. Beauty, faith, love, hope are not attributes of a person that can be described through the dissection of a body. They can only be described through the eyes of the beholder.

To study God will never bring a person closer to Him. To accept Him as real and to talk to Him is the first step you must take.

The second step is the most difficult. That is to listen.

That small quiet voice that comes to us when we listen says so much of what we do not want to hear, at that time or ever.

If you are really listening you will know that God has your interests at heart but hearing and listening to Him is not for the faint of heart.

It is not my intention to add to the information out there on the internet. It is to simply put out there a way to ask a better question and to keep that question as simple as possible.

I will continue publishing my posts as I expand on my themes over time.

Thank you for reading my short introductory post.

Blessings to you all,