Who am I?

If God is a person then who am I?

We are all spiritual people. Whether we choose to listen to this spirit is always our choice. A choice we all make on a minute by minute basis as we go about the daily life of our existence.

There is one concept that I find difficult to accept in this scientific age. Where we must have proof gained by the eternal search through study and dissection of a problem.

That concept is that body and spirit are removed from each other and there is little connection, just some kind of ethereal glue binding us together at some level that we can never penetrate. At least we have not found this connection and we must continue to study and probe in minute detail without finding any answers.

If you are reading this seeking a better question then I put this to you.

Is our sub-conscious in actual fact our Spirit or Soul?

The simplicity of this concept is so rewarding and illuminating that so much jargon of theology becomes redundant twaddle.

So much of a simple matter is dressed up in the clothes that disguise the true nature of Spirit.

We are, in fact, so much closer to God than any church will acknowledge because they would lose the political advantage of the collection plate and power to collect the price of meaningless rituals that mean nothing to God.

The very essence of humanity is the direct connection of our bodies and the Spirit that is the life that we have been given.

If life is the direct connection of Spirit and flesh then what is death.

Death can only be the separation of the Spirit and the flesh.

Why do we fear death?

If death is only a separation of a finite body of flesh and blood, why do we fear the end. Does life really end with death or merely a transition from one flesh and blood body to another.

If our sub-conscious is in actuality our Spirit we exist next to God.

God is a person. Our Spirit is a person. It stands to reason that God is only one small reach of our hand from us.

To reach out and touch Him and to be touched by Him does not require great theological insights but a simple and quiet acknowledgement that He is just there, right beside you. Quietly waiting for that moment when that dim light bulb of recogniton comes to life and we can see the world with a clarity hidden by the veil of our conceit.

Who is God? God is a person with a name by which you know Him.

Who am I? I am a person with a name by which He knows me.

He is waiting for me to reach out in the manner that all relationships need, to be valued and appreciated. That relationship can only be a two way deal between two people, built on trust and acceptance of the differences.

God loves me, I love God. I found Him right beside me after looking in so many ways throughout my life.

Keep It Simple Simon, your search is so much easier than any theology degree would have you believe.

Blessings to you all in your search