Who is my neighbour?

God is a person with a name by which I know Him.

God knows me by the name He calls me.

Who then is my neighbour?

Are they my friends or my enemies? Am I able to truly know the difference?

The way I present has changed the opinion of those who have known me for many years.

I am effeminate. Always have been but have presented as “normal” to protect myself in a redneck society that sees violence as a right to use against those considered weak. Certainly against those less strong than themselves. (If they are not as strong then they get strong friends to help).

Coming out has apparently reduced my physical capabilities, reduced my IQ, I can be cut off in conversation as my opinions no longer have any significance along with a general sense of exclusion from the decision makers.

Who then are my neighbours?

God knows me by the name He calls me. God also created the person that I am. He also created the circumstances that have shaped and moulded my character to be the person I am today and will become tomorrow and throughout the life He has allotted to me.

Who then is my neighbour?

We have so many enemies. “Terrorists”, “them” (the other side in this election), “they” (the obvious bad guys in the news cycle), “that lot” (take your pick of ethnic or social group), or anyone who is not a white, male, heterosexual wearing a suit or uniform.

Who then is my neighbour?

God does not care what a person thinks, He does not care what a person says. Thinking and talking are an essential part of a faith journey as we come to terms with the true meaning of faith.

He does care what a person does.

He is sitting right beside you , offering His help and guidance in any situation if we allow ourselves to listen.

When we fight those instincts, thoughts, intuition we are fighting God.

Not because we need to understand who is our neighbour.

We need to understand “are we being neighbourly?

There can never be a question such as “who is my neighbour” without turning it toward ourselves and asking “am I a good neighbour”?

The answer can be illuminating, if unpalatable.

Blessings to you all