Religion – Spiritual or Political

A simple question.

Can an organisation such as a church portray to its adherents the nature of the divine?

Can any organisation portray to its collective group the true nature of its purpose when the politics of the organisation inevitably interfere with the nature of the organisation.

“Politics – the interaction of various individuals or groups of individuals to control or manipulate the will of the general population to whom they are responsible. This generally involves the extremes of both ends of the debate to create fear for their own purposes. Common sense and the facts rarely play a part in this debate”.

Aoife MacAodh

Is this any different in a Church to a Political Party (any of your choice) or the local sports club or any other club you can name.

Every group has a leader, a strong individual or a leading figure of some bureaucratic regime.

“I do not rule Russia. Ten thousand clerks do”

Peter the Great of Russia

In this environment, is it possible for the divine to be seen and heard?

God, the person you know by the name you know Him, is a still quiet voice close to you. He listens if you speak to Him, He speaks if you are prepared to listen.

He does not shout above the cacophony of political debate raging about how good/bad we or the other guy/economy is or is not. He is not heard as He is not invited.

He watches at a distance, observing and listening, shedding a tear when He hears His name being used to justify everything from the small and seemingly insignificant to the downright violence and brutality exacted in the name of religion.

The church in this Western Society that we have created over the last centuries and millennia is not a silent witness to atrocities and brutal subjugation of our own and military weaker populations.

The church has been a vocal and supportive part of the machinery of subjugation within our own populations and through colonisation of so many tribes and small nations.

Can we condemn, or be condemned for belonging to such an organisation that practices such agendas for control and subjugation of individuals and nations.

Once again there is a very simple answer to a very simple question.

We are the architect of our own future if we make the choice to do so.

God is a person. You are a person. You have the choice to sit quietly, ask the questions, seek the answers and listen to the words that come to you.

The politics and the politicians who peddle the words that they wish to use to control the debate have no meaning or relevance to you as the debate can only ever be between you and your God whose name you know.

Blessings to you all