Journey of the Spirit

This is a concept totally foreign to the belief systems of Western populations.

By journey I am discussing the passing of our spirit through a succession of physical bodies in linear progress from the time when God first created our individual spirit.

Is this one or two lives we have lived or is it hundreds? It simply depends on when God created you.

There is no prize for being the oldest, youngest or lived as royalty or slave. Do our lives have a purpose or are we just an algorithm in some enormous computer game.

Serious points to ponder but does it change the lives we lead each and every day.

Chances are, purpose is a motivating factor in our decisions to do simple tasks, like getting out of bed each day.

It has been said that “most people lead lives of quiet desperation”, that is, without any purpose but survival.

To ponder the greater depths of understanding is a very important reason why I am writing “Aoife’s Insights”.

Whether you read them or not. Whether a large number of people read them or not. This is the place where I am writing of myself, my attitudes and beliefs that are so at odds with the society that surrounds me.

I am not trying to help anyone but myself. This is the end of my “quiet desperation” existence. I am not trying to amass great wealth or achieve fame.

I am, however, wishing to meet like minded people who would share a similiar a mindset so that this existence would grow with the friendships that could follow.

I am not going to discuss my past lives as this takes us on a track that I am not prepared to enter in an open forum such as this. This would be an avenue for exploration with members and more intimate settings as in Mentorship.

In many cultures this concept is such an accepted part of life that it is not questioned.

What is it about our “education” that limits our imagination in exploring such exciting fundamental questions. We simply dismiss any notions that cannot be measured, dissected and turned into some product to buy, sell or profit from in some way.

The Journey of my spirit seems a much more exciting travelogue than past lives regression. Even in our quest for things unseen we create a rather clinical and prosaic term for what is a beautiful and poetic mystery.

I have seen a smattering of my lives throughout history. Some important in a storyline others bit players.

I do not have a coherent sense of time or able to view with a wide angle lens. I do however, sense that the type of person that I am today is simply a version that has had so many different experiences over the centuries and millennia.

I have a fascination with the violin and piano. I cannot play either although I have invented some good excuses as to why that is.

In my spirit journey two lives stand out.

One was a talented violinist that did not get the chance to pursue her desire to play even as the talent was ready and willing.

The second was a ballerina that suffered a serious injury at a young age and spent her life happily playing the piano for a ballet company.

What of our future, is it defined by a past that seems ghost like in our desires. Is it continuously seeking to embrace the same qualities in our Spirit that we have always had yet need to re-define those qualities in a new setting.

Life is such a rich tapestry. It is full of colour and flavour limited only by our imagination. Full of depth and multi-dimensional universes waiting to be explored.

It is my prayer that as I move past the basic reasons why I am doing these Insights we can move to other magical worlds that are an integral part of our reality.

Blessings to you all