Life of the Spirit

We live in a culture devoid of imagination. We are trapped in a world of what can be seen, measured, valued and exploited.

The devil was conjured up as the father of all palmists, and the result was that men and women, terrified to acknowledge such a parentage, allowed palmistry to become outlawed and fall into the hands of vagrants, tramps and gypsies.

Count Louis Hamon. ‘Cheiro’ circa 1927

The Internet has given us access to so much information yet has not given us the filters to decide between true knowledge and gifts from those peddled by the modern day vagrant, tramps and gypsies.

There are so many, as I term them, natural modalities that are exciting to contemplate. A mystery to unravel, a beautiful and poetic tapestry of intrigue.

We could describe these as subtle modalities. They have worked for centuries, millennia and beyond in a symmetry that nature developed through the evolvement of time.

We have destroyed many of them, destroyed the environment in which they worked and overpowered all the surrounds with high powered gizmos and gadgets that have proliferated without any knowledge (or care) of the effect they have on living tissue and the environment in which we all live.

What can I offer through this medium of a simple website that is little more than a vehicle for my frustrations as an empath, a spiritual being wanting to explore more of life’s mysteries.

What do I mean by Life of the spirit?

The “Journey of the Spirit” is the journey of the spirit through the many and varied bodies we have lived in since the beginning of the existence of each and every spirit.

Aoife MacAodh

What is life? Where does it start? How does it start? What is a life line?

A life line is the thread of life given to us by our parents. It comes from one of our parents and is that spark that ignites the biological process of growth and development. It is spiritual in nature, not biological. It is the reason that we can see some of our close ancestors in later generations.

Aoife MacAodh

What is our gene pool? Does it have the importance our science says it does?

Our gene pool sets some parameters that we cannot change. We are tall, short, black, white or in between. However, it does not sentence us to an unchanging life leading to some inevitable conclusion. We can switch the expression of many varied genes on and off by the choices we make. Understanding our ancestry gives us cause to consider those who came before us. The physical body we have is a combination of all these people shaped and moulded by the trials and tribulations they endured. They all survived to allow the creation of your body.

Aoife MacAodh

So, what does that all mean?

We all have a spirit that travels through time in successive bodies. Each body is given a life line from one of the parents. Each body is unique and gifted from its own spectacular combination.

We, you, me and everybody else cannot change any of this. Our choices are limited to how we use this body and intellect to the best of the ability afforded us by the circumstances we find ourselves in.

The breadth of the universe, the intricate and delicate nature of our bodies, the extraordinary beauty of a sunset can only come from the divine guidance of the Spirit you know by the name you know him.

We live in a culture devoid of imagination. We are trapped in a world of what can be seen, measured, valued and exploited.

What are the worlds that can open up to us with a little imagination and creative thinking.

The subtle, natural modalities open up to us with an exciting range of possibilities.

Crystals and stones. The interaction of these naturally occurring rocks, stones or crystals with the human body is a field of never ending wonder. That both the inanimate and animate share a common structure at a base level is not strange or beyond belief. From dust we came and to dust we shall return. Logic says that this field is an exploration of the essence of the origins of humanity.

Numerology. There is order out there. It does not appear that way from where I am situated. However I am a mere tiny speck in this universe of immense breadth. I only wish to use a different vantage point to see what that order may look like.

Astrology. There is order out there. Is there much difference in these two sciences. Only in the vantage point that they give.

There are so many subjects and so many viewpoints to expand that life can never be dull or boring. There is absolutely no need to allow ourselves to be trapped in the world that limits imagination.

I will continue to be posting on anything that takes my fancy at the time. I hope you will benefit from anything that I can add to the debate. If you wish to join in and add to the total sum of knowledge then please consider a membership so we can get to know each other.

Blessings to you all