The rewards of God’s Gifts

Is it a sacrifice to listen to the answers that God gives to us?

God wants to give us wonderful gifts, not because we deserve them but because He wants to have a two way relationship with us.

There is no reward for being a good girl or boy (or both or neither) as the gifts are not a fee for service proposition.

The gift is in the relationship. The gift is the opening of those channels to that relationship that will continue into the future that can open before us.

Is this a sacrifice?

We must ask, and accept that we will receive answers that we do not want to hear. If you do not want the answer, do not ask the question.

Is this a sacrifice or a life lesson?

We must listen. This is not something that any of us are good at. It is a skill we should all learn, yet sadly is lacking in this culture. The noise pollution of this electronic age is so overpowering and pervasive it is difficult to even have time to consider the matters in front of us that to listen to that small quiet voice of God is a good idea but not enough time in a day to do it.

Is this a sacrifice or a life lesson?

We must act. Faith can only be seen in action. Talk is cheap, who is listening anyway. Thinking about it does not achieve anything. Only when you use the skills of thinking and talking about the possibilities can they be useful in developing a course of action.

Is this a sacrifice or a life lesson?

What does action and a reward look like?

I cannot answer your question for you. I can only give you an outline of what it is for me, Aoife.

The reward is a quite simple straight forward concept. I have been released from the BS that I have lived with all my life.

I have simply assumed the persona of Aoife. I can write about life as I have always wanted to but been restrained by the culture, society, acquaintances, friends and/or any other excuse available.

God has called me to the position I am in. It is not a challenge or a test. I am responding to His call. The weight has lifted from me and I am free to express myself as Aoife.

I do not pretend to be a great writer. The great Australian novel will not flow from my keyboard as I have no intention to try.

My determination is to write and express my feelings, attitudes, insights or anything else that may interest me in the moment.

I now have the freedom to do just that. the restrictions that were imposed on me were self imposed as I allowed myself to be controlled by the circumstances surrounding me and not challenging those perceptions.

That is not to say that the threat of violent retribution was not real, it was and still is. Common sense and careful observation will always be paramount to anyone who challenges the status quo.

That is my reward, to be free to express myself. knowing that He is guiding me, knowing that the trials and tribulations will probably still continue. However, I have a purpose and those trials and tribulations are a part and parcel of the calling that has been made of me.

I have asked my questions, I have listened to the answers. is one expression of action I am taking.

That is my reward, to be a part of a solution. I am able to remove myself from, and no longer contribute to, “the problem”.

Blessings to you all