What is prophesy?

Prophesy is simply a message from God relayed through a person who is listening.

Prophesy is not only for the Prophet. Prophesy can come from anyone who is listening.

There is a great deal of fear and anxiety in the world today. Fear of economic trouble, climatic trouble, fear that the situation (whatever it may be) is out of the control of any person or group of people, governments in general and some in particular and all corporations of any size..

Are people acting out of a fear or can this be described as a collective prophesy. That as a society we are beginning to experience a collective understanding when our individual knowledge is no longer capable of guiding us to a conclusion.

What is prophesy?

The Word of God spoken through someone who is listening.

Does God speak only through one or only a small number of people?

God speaks through a great many people. We cannot set aside the contribution of any one person as we need to consider the great multitude of thoughts offered to our collective consciousness.

We need to be discerning in our comprehension of those thoughts. Many are the side tracks that lead nowhere.Many are the deliberate misinformation, disinformation and outright lies peddled by those whose interest is to create disharmony and malicious disruption to our collective unity.

What can we trust, who can we trust?

I suggest that we need to become much more discerning in our observations of those in the media. This is naturally a dig at traditional journalism but we must be even discerning of what is peddled on the internet as some sort of truth when it has been propagated by special interest groups for their own agendas.

What is prophesy?

It is perhaps better to ask a question of a different nature to begin.

What is Blasphemy?

This is the use of God’s name to justify our own acts when we do not want to be held accountable.

The two are inextricably linked. Prophesy is the Word of God spoken through one or many who are listening. Blasphemy is false prophesy spoken in His name.

Can we tell the difference?

If we listen with an open mind, discern the arguments and allow that quiet voice to penetrate the constant barrage of noise that is our modern life we have a chance.

We, each and everyone of us, have this opportunity. We, each and everyone of us, is called to take advantage of this opportunity to understand the prophesies that our God is trying to tell us.

We have created so many ways in which to annihilate ourselves that it is difficult to have any understanding of what the first domino will look like. That there will be a domino is not really a question for the vast majority of people.

For many individuals that domino has already fallen for them as individuals or families.

The rewards of God’s Gifts is not in avoiding the trials and tribulations that will come to us collectively or individually but in the knowledge that God will be our guide through those troubles.

What is Prophesy?

I believe it can best be described as forewarning of troubles ahead and knowing that God is caring for His own as He guides them through those troubles.

Blessings to you all