As a society and culture we have been blinded by science and/or bamboozled by BS for centuries or most likely millennia.

What does it mean to study science or indeed, what is science?

A simple explanation is the study of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

How then, do we come to a small subset of disciplines that constitute real science and are led to believe these are the only true sciences. Everything else must be close to voodoo or worse.

The devil was conjured up as the father of all palmists, and the result was that men and women, terrified to acknowledge such a parentage, allowed palmistry to become outlawed and fall into the hands of vagrants, tramps and gypsies.

Count Louis Hamon. ‘Cheiro’ circa 1927

Around 1927 when “Cheiro” made this comment any science that was not mainstream and not a part of, and useful to, the industrial complex that dictated the terms of research was regarded as sorcery, witchcraft or worse, simply carnival sideshow.

What sciences are we talking about?

Palmistry – the study of the entire hand. This is divided into twin sciences of Cheirognomy – the shape of the hands and fingers and Cheiromancy – the lines and markings of the palm. This all relates to the events of the past present and future as the hands are the primary meeting place of our bodies and the world around us.

Numerology – the study of the world around us and the interaction with this world by the study of numbers and their significance.

Astrology – the study of the cosmos around us and the influence these heavenly bodies have on human affairs.

Stones and Crystals – the study of natural stones and crystals and how their crystalline form matches and interacts with the basic crystalline nature of our human bodies. From dust we were made and to dust we shall return.

Geomancy – divining from the study of the configuration of elements over a geographic area or small plot.

Dowsing – searching for a physical element or other invisible thing with the use of an indicator such as a forked stick, bent rods or pendulum.

Climate – included here as this is a science that has so many possibilities of truth and lies that one can only suspect that it has “fallen into the hands of vagrants, tramps and gypsies”.

Chakras – the study of the energy centres of the body.

Energy balancing by numbers – the study of frequencies of the body and the manipulation of those frequencies for better health.

This small list could never be considered exhaustive or complete. These sciences are included as they are probably the most well known and considered valid in various cultures and societies over the decades and centuries.

Can everything written and spoken about them be considered true and valid, certainly not. The idea of study is to ascertain truth or at the very least to gain the knowledge to ask a better question.

As with all things of a spiritual nature, we will never have an absolute answer. We will only ever be able to ask a better question.

Blessings to you all