What’s Aoife all about!

Any of you who have read some or all of my Insights are probably wondering what it’s all about.

I have talked about a lot of things . Some of interest to a lot of people, some of little interest to anyone.

It does not matter. I am expressing myself in print about things that matter to me at that moment in time and space.

Does the detail really matter? Not a lot.

Does the subject matter carry a great deal of meaning? Not really.

What I want to convey, above all else, is one simple message.

That message is that I, Aoife, have committed myself to a relationship with God. I know Him by several names, Great Spirit, Father, Creator and other names I use less frequently.

I acknowledge to the world that He is God by any name that He is known. I acknowledge to all that I will serve in the manner that He requests of me.

That He has called me is not in doubt. That He has called everyone is not in doubt. That not too many people listen is, unfortunately, not in doubt either.

Why am I different? Simple answer, I am not.

What do I have to offer? Nothing exceptional, just a mixture of human frailties that come together in a package the same as everyone else.

What am I called to do?

To simply share my journey with those who would like to listen, read or see where that journey may take me.

My journey so far in this life has taken me away from the “mainstream” although I always tried to make sense of life through the tinted glasses of that same “mainstream”.

You may have observed that my Insights have veered away from anything that could be called mainstream.

Please be aware that this is totally, completely and without any sense of remorse a deliberate change of life away from everything that seemed important by the society that has influenced me.

The all pervasive Western Culture that dominates and suppresses the world around it has created a society that is unsustainable in any form you wish to imagine.

I never belonged to this culture, I was never considered a part of it. Existing only on the fringes, unable to make any headway with the thoughts and actions that I took.

I am not trying to fight this culture. That is a pointless exercise destined to endless and fruitless argument trapped in the mire of political intrigue.

What will happen to this world and what will that look like in the near and distant future?

No idea.

I know we have created a world and society that has no sustainable future as we stay on the path to some sort of “day of reckoning”.

It is my intent to write about stuff. Simple stuff. Stuff that does not require a degree in chemistry , physics, psychology or any other discipline that specialises to such a degree that it has no understanding of what is happening next door.

It is our own responsibility to look after ourselves. This society has an expectation that someone else (governments presumably) will help us in times of trouble.

When the chaos comes, and it will certainly be chaos, the baser instincts of humanity will emerge.

It is my intent with my Insights to create relationships with like minded people who can understand the consequences of this societies behaviour patterns.

Only we, you and I and our neighbour will be able to look after ourselves into this chaotic future.

Being prepared for the future with knowledge of basic human survival, that is food, water and shelter, is a simple yet paramount action.

It is without doubt that God will get the blame for whatever the future holds if that future is not to our liking.

Unfortunately, the only ones to blame will be ourselves.

I will keep writing. I will talk about the things that matter to me at that time. I will talk about the things I will try to do to move into whatever future is coming.

It is the only action I can take on this journey into the future. Whatever that future holds it can only be a faith journey into the unknown.

Blessings to you all