Who makes God smile?

The so called Christian faith claims to be the one and only true faith. That it has an exclusive view of how God thinks and acts. Any challenge to this authority is met with stiff resistance and there is little negotiation in how this challenge is considered.

Does God smile on this attitude? Is this attitude one of “love thy neighbour”, “turn the other cheek” ( a call to be considerate of other views), or any other of the many scriptural calls to seek understanding of the many and varied peoples and their ways and beliefs?

Can we expect God to give His blessing to an organisation, and it can only be seen as an organisation, that treats the world as belonging to itself or as an adversary?

Can the Christian denominations be seen as anything other than a political organisation intent on dominating the theological landscape?

God does not smile on the blasphemy that is the Christian faith as it has been, and continues to be, practised.

There are many groups throughout the world that receive God’s smile when He looks at what they actually do.

Many without fanfare or outside knowledge of what they do as it is in the action that He sees them and in their action they seek to do His will as they see they are called.

What sort of groups are these people?

They are in the seemingly theologically simple. The native populations who can see God in the natural surrounds of their world. Maybe not one God but many.

Is this pagan?

No it is not. God speaks to us in the context that we understand. He speaks in the language that we understand. He does not expect the convoluted theology of western civilisation to be understood by a native civilisation. He is in the nature as it surrounds them, just as it does to us.

We superior beings have removed ourselves from this basic, natural environment and live in this world of greater education and therefore greater intellect.

If we take any idiot from the streets of our great civilisation and educate that idiot then we simply have an educated idiot.

No amount of education will increase our intellect or understanding of our world.

No amount of theological BS will make us any more understanding of God’s call than a simple act of appreciating His gifts in nature.

For God’s sake, stop and smell the roses.

Blessings to you all