Who makes God angry!

Probably no shortage of contenders here. Just look around you and you can probably see a lot of them.Trouble is we do not always look in the mirror when we make judgement calls like this.

First of all look at the question.

The question is about who, not what, makes God angry.

The what in a situation is generally brought about by someone that is the who.

That who is not always singular, it can also be a we, a small group who follow each other into a what without thinking about the consequences.

There is also the bigger who. That group of people who stand aside and do nothing when action is called for.

It is not difficult to place ourselves into that broad category a lot of the time.

“All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing”. This is often quoted at some point in any circumstance that has obviously played out to the extent that all can see that “evil has flourished”.

A bit late to be philosophical when it is beyond help by the time “good people” talk about it.

The last election campaign in Australia a few days ago is a case in point. Does evil flourish in this country? Without any shadow of doubt yet I cannot remember any issue raised that was not a slogan for a few seconds of news grab.

Since the election the focus has been on how “social media” was used to gain the electoral advantage.

There is no talk of who should govern this country. It is only talk of how to win an election. There is no debate of right and wrong, good or bad. This seems to be a perfect cesspool of intrigue for evil to flourish.

We can all make God angry by the actions we take. We can make Him even more angry by the actions we do not take. The sins of commission and those of omission.

What is the sin that makes God as angry. There are many sins rampant in this world, most are someone else’s fault because we cannot change the election as noted above.

We do, however, accept that this is the way it is and do nothing about it. That it must be God’s will for us to have to put up with this state of affairs.

So therefore it must be God’s fault. He lets it happen so it cannot be ours. We cannot change things.

It is this blasphemy that causes God to shed a tear. He sees gross injustice, outright sin(s) committed in His name and He is blamed for allowing these same sins to occurr.

Maybe it is about time we accepted some of this responsibility for ourselves and accepted complete responsibility in a collective sense for those injustices that have occurred.

It is blasphemy to blame Him for those sins that we have done nothing to address just as it is blasphemy to commit those acts that we know are sinful before during and after we have committed them in His name.

Blessings to you all