Modalities other than Western Medicine.

Does God reject any form of medicine other than the institutionalised medicine that demands allegiance to and relies on the Pharmaceutical industry.

It would appear that God only blesses the work of the allopathic doctor and the system in which that doctor operates. Any opposition to this system is met with absolute resistance from those who rely on this arrangement and those who rely on the flow on effect for those industries that supply this industry of devoted to human misery and suffering.

So very little of this industry actually returns people to health and vitality after they have contracted some kind of disease. So much so that the final years of life are a meal of drugs of various kinds with food that has little nutritional value.

What does this mean in a spiritual sense?

The human body is a wonderful collection of various organs that only work as a complex and complete whole.

The human body starts life as a very small, fragile almost invisible cell that grows to a viable and independent body.

The human body only sustains life while connected to the spirit that lives alongside, within and around this delicate and fragile system.

Why then do we use sledge hammers to crack the walnuts that are the diseases and conditions of modern society?

We are spirit in a flesh and blood body. Why do we desecrate such a wonderful organism with poisons that the body has to fight against to preserve some sort of healthy equilibrium?

Do we really expect a healthy outcome to all this medicine?

Medicine of any sort is a methodology to overcome a problem within our bodies that requires assistance beyond the normal healing capacity.

How much assistance do our bodies need? Do we need so many of these modern medicines that perform some sort of miracle that is going to increase our longevity?

It is generally accepted that our humanity has been around for something like 200,000 years. We started out as a very small number of individuals that only had our intellect as a defence mechanism. That we survived to create this society is testament to the fact that we have very strong constitutions and ability to survive and adapt to many different habitats and climates.

We were not created with drug deficiencies, a need for sun lotion, understanding SPF factors, or headache pills to overcome poor posture.

We were created with one simple feature. The default setting is for our bodies to adjust and repair. To return to a normal healthy state no matter what we did to them through the environment or our own mistakes or deliberate mistreatment of them.

Wherever we look. Whatever we do. However we consider the circumstances of our world. We have to be blunt and accepting of the fact that we are not looking after our bodies and allowing them to return to a state of health.

Modern life, modern medicine, modern environments have made it look increasingly likely that we as a race may be the first in the history of this planet to orchestrate our own extinction.

That time may not be far away. All we are doing about it is to put our foot even harder on the accelerator.

Blessings to you all