Spiritual Energy.

What makes you go snap, crackle and pop?

What is it that makes your day seem brighter and more productive?

What makes you feel sad and depressed?

There is a connection between our emotional well being and our spiritual awareness.

I have seen this up close and personal. I have been on the receiving end of a severely depressed person and been their punching bag for their anger and other emotional outbursts.

I have also seen it from the inside looking out. The world was a cold, lonely and inhospitable place. A place that would not care if I was a part of it or not.

I survived through that time when I had the Mental Health Crisis team in a particular city on speed dial.

I also survived the time when I had no one to care when I needed that same particular service on hand. Same city.

What was the difference. The person I speak of still has the same issues and will not deal with them. That was 25 years ago and still this person refuses to acknowledge the difficulties they create for others and particularly themselves.

I have not had the responsibility of caring for this person for almost 20 years yet their anger and emotional outbursts still remain the same. This behaviour keeps this person in the centre of attention so why change a good thing when you are onto it.

Some where along the way we have to take responsibility for ourselves.

I am not a doctor, counsellor or any other trained professional in the treatment or analysis of depression.

However, I have been there, done that and got the tea shirt.

I speak for myself. The outcome is a spiritual awakening. I chance to realign with the spirit that is within, around and beside me.

For me, depression was a disconnect between my emotional physical self and the spirit.

It is a long road to this realisation, one paved with many potholes and winding paths.

It is one that also leads to a greater understanding of the spiritual nature of life.

Without this testing time I would not have experienced the depths that a person can experience nor the wonderful heights that I have experienced since I began this journey of spiritual awakening.

I am an empath. Quiet and sensitive and feel the weight of the world and unable to counter it emotionally. This has been my existence since childhood.

I have now reached the point that this has become the blessing that God wanted it to be for me.

It is a gift. It is a God given blessing. It was given to me.

I no longer feel the weight of the world as I can see the world for what it is.

Aoife’s Insights are an expression of this. I am no longer perplexed as to why I think differently to many other people.

I see the world in a number of ways. All at variance to the common political view that dominates this planet.

Maybe people will read this and dismiss my ramblings. Maybe people will read my Insights and be comforted, perturbed, angered or any other emotion.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

I have not written this for anyone but myself and those God wishes to read this.

I have experienced “the dark night of the soul”, that all consuming blackness that cannot be described with words.

I wish for all those of you who are in that place or emerging from it to see the wonderful blessing that it is.

To reconnect with your spirit, that spirit of life that burns so brightly and with an energy that also cannot be described with words.

That is the Spiritual Energy that I talk of. The Spiritual Energy of our Creator.

He is with you. That God by whatever name you know Him is with you.

May He pour His blessings over you