Energy Transfer.

What do I mean by energy transfer?

Have you ever been anywhere and come out exhausted and unusually tired and perhaps even depressed?

I have heard others describe this as meeting with energy vampires.

People who can , quite literally, suck the energy out of you.

Is this energy spiritual, physical or some sort of mind game that they enjoy playing?

Do energy vampires know what they are doing?

In most cases, yes. They are people with little respect for others or even for themselves. They have low self esteem and need to draw energy to themselves in order to feel more powerful.

They are lacking in the ability to give of themselves to others and only feel comfort in taking.

How do you know if you are in love?

A simple question that confounds those who wish to verbalise the answer. If you are, you “know”. If not, no description will ever describe it to you.

What is love?

The answer can be described in the manner of energy. Not some buzz or effect but in the energy that comes together when two people are in love.

The energy of each is multiplied. The energy of each is far greater than anything the two individuals could manage on their own.

Love belongs not only to the romance but to all relationships that require a connection between two people singly or in groups.

What then of the energy vampire? Does love matter to this type of person?

They are not capable of love. They are not capable of giving so that when they interact with others the two of them can leave knowing that each is better for the experience.

We live in a society in which these type of people have become “normal”.

The Legal industry, Medical industry, Food, Technology or any other industry you can name is based on removing personal relationships from the market place and substituting real relationships with a computer algorithm to drive the bottom line.

Try to interact with these industries on a personal level will gain you nothing but frustration and heartache. It is simply not permitted.

Love is certainly not a permitted part of this culture and is considered an archaic and strange sort of custom belonging to another era.

Energy vampires on the other hand have flourished. Sucking the very energy out of any situation and circumstance they encounter.

We cannot disconnect our Spiritual from our physical self in matters like this. We are whole and complete. When our spirit is attacked then we feel the drain of energy from our bodies.

Our spiritual account can be depleted to such a point that we become depressed and downcast. The energy depletion reaches such a point that we wonder if we can continue.

Only through building the account can we hope to continue into the lifestyle we would hope, and deserve, to achieve.

Blessings to you all