The Spirit!

We talk about spirituality in an all embracing manner without truly defining what spirituality actually means to us.

For me, the spirit is beside, around and within me. It cannot be separated from me without the death of this body.

Spirituality can then only be the acceptance that the spirit has clear and defined purpose in the ordering of ones life.

By opening ourselves to a spiritual path we give greater priority to those matters beyond the physical realm.

The spiritual path.

What is fakery and what is reality?

How can we tell the charlatan from the genuine article? At least with the gypsy fortune teller there was a certain expectation that they may not be what they claim.

How do we come to terms with the internet and the sheer volume of information available to all yet comes with no real sense of truth or understanding other than some claim to authenticity that may or may not be valid.

Does spirituality have a role in modern life and the information super-highway or whatever name is in fashion today and perhaps tomorrow.

Do our spiritual gifts have a place on such a medium as the internet?

I would like to say that without your spiritual gifts that a person will be as gullible and naive on the internet as they would be crossing a gypsies palm with silver.

It is our spiritual gifts that give a person the edge in walking that thin line between fact and fancy.

The hard nosed skeptic of things spiritual is just as vulnerable to the wiles of the manipulator as the “searching for anything spiritual” person. The answer lies in the ability to discern fact from fiction.

Discernment is the ability to see clearly, to acknowledge the lack of understanding of the subject yet have the ability to “make sense” of what we are being told.

The gullible are merely those so entrenched in their beliefs that no one else can have the truth.

So what then is spirituality?

Spirituality for me is a very real and deeply personal approach to the way I live my life.

Spirituality gives me a grounded approach to life. This is counter to what the world of science and philosophy would have you believe.

I have the freedom to look at issues and circumstances in a way that the world of science and politics does not allow.

This world always wants some sort of proof before it will act in any meaningful way. If there is not some sort of study undertaken, some important talking head confirming the story, some sort of proof in the 6 o’clock news grab then it cannot be true. (whatever “it” may be)

Spirituality brings me to the truth. Spirituality gives me permission to explore thoughts and actions that are not tied to the thoughts of others.

Spirituality helps me to break free from a community that refuses to acknowledge the unsustainable and destructive actions that are a part and parcel of this society.

Spirituality is freedom itself.

Blessing to you all