The politics of religion!

How many religious organisations actually serve the God they self righteously proclaim as their own?

How many of those who serve within these organisations actually have a faith in the same God they proclaim to be their own.

I am a refugee from one of these so-called christian denominations where I tried to find an answer to the calling that I knew was being made of me. I am not going to attack this particular organisation as that would be a futile and totally unproductive effort.

Futile because the organisation is politically structured and debate is controlled and manipulated to suit the ruling hierarchy. Unproductive because the first reaction of the adherents is to protect the organisation before they will consider that any other opinion other than that of the ruling hierarchy has merit.

It is also apparent that the difference between the denominations is in presentation. Substance varies only in the design of the furniture and the rituals they perform for the necessary days on the calendar.

It is in the rituals that God despises those who perform yet fail to honour the promises they make within these rituals.

A ritual is a performance. A very childlike pantomime that grew from a purpose in the past, a few years or perhaps centuries, that was designed to honour a particular person, action or circumstance.

A ritual no longer honours, it becomes a pantomime or even parody of that purpose.

Why does God despise these rituals?

These purpose of these rituals has been lost, forgotten or, most likely, quite deliberately no longer considered as the purpose of their existence is to “keep the traditions” alive.

What does it mean to honour?

To honour can be a simple thank you, to God, to others or to some vague but real circumstance. It can be simple but does not need pomp and pageantry to execute the ceremony.

Do we really need the gala performance of a royal wedding. It’s a ratings winner. It’s a PR bonus for a royal family trying to re brand itself after some rather ugly performances in the recent and distant past. But as a ritual it is largely symbolic rather than a ceremony of any greater meaning than signing a piece of paper.

Do those in the royal wedding offer any greater promises than any other couple who sign a similiar piece of paper.

The ritual is a redundant performance. The ritual is despised by God.

God wants the promise to be honoured. Nothing more or less. No amount of pageantry can make up for a promise that will not be honoured.

No religious ritual or ceremony that is not honoured by the actions of the adherents in the life in which they live outside of that ritual or ceremony has any meaning to God.

God will honour those who honour the promises they make to the God they know by the name they call Him.

Blessings to you all