Spiritual attack!

We all feel under pressure, that someone out there is getting at us at some time.

We cannot always identify the source of this pressure but we know that someone is gunning for us in some way or another.

It may be a friend who is not really a friend but we do not realise that.

It may be a family member who is nice to our face but has issues with us for some reason or other. Not necessarily legitimate but legitimate does not go with the spiritual attack as I am describing.

The spiritual attack is that of the coward. The underhanded, surreptitious motivated by malice sort of attack.

It will come from a word dropped here or there to someone who is close but not a part of the immediate circle. It is designed to undermine us without our knowledge.

Those of us who are empaths know this type of feeling well. It comes on us without understanding why we feel like we do.

It can take months or even many years until we truly understand the thoughts and attitudes of the one doing the attacking.

How do we prevent an attack?

Simple answer is that we cannot. We are all subject to the whims and fancies of those around us. That some feel offended by us in some way, not by word or action but by the mere fact that we are who we are cannot be changed.

Should we prevent an attack? Should we devise some sort of protective mechanism that these people do not “get to us”?

Unfortunately, all coins have two sides. Anything of value has two sides. It is without doubt that the value of being an empath lies with the ability to use the “other side” in a meaningful and productive manner.

Trust me, the “other side” of this empath thing is debilitating, destructive and extremely difficult to understand let alone deal with in a responsive, respectful way.

When the attack is cowardly, underhanded and deceitful it is so difficult to come to terms with the way that the emotions swirl and agitate without any balancing mechanism to help the empath.

However, that is the way of those who wish to destroy. It is only through the experience of these encounters that we can build a reserve of information to deal with our seemingly random spiritual attacks.

There are those of us who are empathic, who have a spirit that can see and hear the mind and soul of those near to us in thought, time and space.

It is not for us to be able to choose the ones we wish to know and to not know.

I put it to you that the spiritual attack is not actually spiritual. The attack is that of the mind of the attacker. We hear the thought processes through our spirit not theirs.

The attacker is no longer in touch with their spirit. They have separated themselves from that which makes them complete.

There are many in this world like this. The world is only there for what it can give to them. They are the takers and deceivers. They are what scripture has called Satan.

Satan can be termed a collective name for a world of people who have divorced themselves from their individual spirit.

Satan is not an all powerful spirit who can upset the ways of humanity. It is humanity itself that becomes Satan when it loses sight of that important relationship with the spirit that lives within, around and alongside us all that makes us complete.

Blessing to you all