How do you screw up a system within a culture or society of any size without really trying?

Quite simply, develop a legal system that operates as a weapons system to override any chance of justice.

Spirituality – the essence of freedom itself from the forces that control and manipulate the individuals within a society.

Legalism – the exact opposite of spirituality, the mechanism of control of a population. The methodology of changing behaviours.

Spirituality is a threat to the governance of modern society. The behaviours of a spiritual person does not conform easily to the strictures placed on individuals to go with the crowd.

Spirituality is a threat to individuals within the society who do conform to the “standard” lifestyle. The conformist is threatened by anyone who may draw attention to any situation or circumstance that may bring notice to themselves. The conformist wishes to blend in and profit from the situation without the requirement to invest thought or moral judgement.

Legalism is the very essence of Satan. It requires no moral judgement. It does not require deep intellectual thought.

In actual fact, legalism by its very nature abhors the use of thought and judgement. The essence is in the manipulation of words. To conjure up a sentence that twists the meaning of the situation into an unrecognisable collage, a kaleidoscope so different from reality that those looking on cannot see any truth or justice shining through.

Atheism is not a threat to a civilised society. The constructive thoughts of the atheist or spiritually inclined add to the sum of knowledge within a community. We all grow from the cross fertilisation of ideas within a group of broad minded peoples.

Legalism is a threat to all. With its focus on the words and manipulation of their meaning and context. Their use as a weapon to an end that forces that society into a particular straight jacket of control.

Every culture and society that has risen to great heights of wealth and power have crumbled under the weight of their own success. All of these cultures have headed toward chaos as the end has approached. The need for increased control has been paramount to their survival. That control has always proved futile and has actually hastened the end as the population itself begins to rebel against those who feel the need to control.

Legalism has always been the go to solution to fix problems that are systemic in a society. Legalism has never provided a solution of any lasting quality. Legalism has been the reason for the final straw that brought an end to cultures and societies.

Even the most casual observer understands that this society is heading into chaos. The timing is unknown but the sense that some impending domino is about to fall is felt throughout.

The increasing legalism, lack of moral judgement with the almost total lack of intellectual thinking within our leaders increases the rate of the decay of the society in which we live.

It may not be the end times but life as we know it cannot continue on the path of least resistance.

Blessings to you all


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