Can a Spirit be evil?

We all know people who are evil, in the true sense of the word. They are people who cannot be trusted with money, love, leadership or be given the slightest access to any position of trust.

Is it a cultural thing to be evil. A twisted way of looking at the world that is created by the circumstances surrounding their upbringing?

Is it a natural instinct embedded in the psyche of an individual in the process of growth from those small cells at conception?

Is evil a natural state of the human condition that no amount of psycho-analysis will understand as it is a part of who we are?

Does evil flourish?

It appears that way. It appears to fill the news cycle, whether local or world news. Rich or poor alike seem to be afflicted by the consequences of an evil act or series of acts by people they know or total strangers.

It ha s been said that all it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

What can good people do?

Are good people inherently evil as well? Do those of us who believe we are not evil simply live lives that do not bring out the worst in us?

Is a terrorist evil?

The label says they must be. The label says so. These people are out to hurt us so that can only be evil. Good people would not hurt us.

So what would a good person do when confronted by a terrorist? Would we strike first to prevent them from hurting us or those we love?

Would that make us evil because we want to hurt them first?

Once again the answer must be kept simple Simon.

The question in its simplest form is not about evil. It about our relationship with the God you know by the name you know Him.

Can a person be evil if they are spiritual?

The answer is unfortunately yes. However that is with the caveat that we are talking about the permission to choose.

We have the desire for things and other stuff. The procurement of those things is not evil. However the manner in which we procure those things and the value we place on them can very easily become evil.

We also have the desire for a spiritual aspect to our lives. There is in all of us a longing for a connection, a sense of attachment to something greater than the physical.

When we reach out beyond ourselves and seek the spiritual nature of those around us, both near and distant, we are embarking on a journey into a world that gives us freedom from evil.

Evil cannot flourish in a culture of spiritual thought and action.

What then can good people do?

Be open to the spirit within, seek the spirit in others, seek the spirit beyond our limited understanding.

Spirit is not evil.

Evil only comes when we look to satisfying our desires against the desires of others.

Blessing to you all