Is faith practical?

Does faith bring the rewards that are claimed by devotees of a particular creed or football team or some such entity?

Does faith bring rewards that are tangible. That can be seen, touched, smelt, heard or even tasted.

In other words, how do we define what faith means to us as individuals?

Can a spiritual faith be defined in physical rewards? Can a physical reward be justified as a response to a spiritual request?

Faith – without understanding and action is no more than a superstitious platitude to some entity that could be God, a football team, or any other belief system that requires an unshakable devotion to a cause that does not tolerate questioning.

Aoife MacAodh

Spiritual faith can be defined as a right, or indeed a necessity, to unceasingly question the basis for your faith.

It is only in that questioning that your beliefs can be tested. It is only in the question that you will ever find the answer.

The answer will never be definitive. The answer will only ever give you another series of questions.

It is in this series of questions that you will discover the nature of faith. Your questions will give you answers that will guide you on your spiritual journey.

When my son was around two years old, he asked for something that I refused to give him. He looked at me, put his hands on his hips and stated, quite firmly, that “I said please”.

His understanding was that simply saying “please” granted any wish he wanted or demanded.

Many of our prayers to God, by whatever name you know Him, have the same childish request. That asking and having faith will deliver whatever it is that we have asked for.

God can say “no”. He does say no. He says no quite frequently. He listens to our prayers, He considers our request but He can say no.

It is not God who is not listening, it is us.

Is faith practical?

Faith, with understanding and action, is a very practical and necessary component of life.

To have faith is to question, question. question.

However, it is only practical if we are prepared to listen. Unless we listen, those answers we get are absolutely useless.

Blessings to you all