Voices of the Spirit

Does our spirit have a voice? Does our spirit have a means of expressing itself through the body we inhabit? Can our actions reflect the spirit that is within each and every one of us?

It is a sad reflection on us that this is even a question. That we are so disconnected from our spirit that we even need to address this as a question.

Our spirit is as necessary to life as food, water and each and every breath we take.

Without it we simply return to the dust from which we were created. Without it we do not exist.

Spirit is who we are. The real person is spirit and the body is just a vehicle in which we are able fulfil the purpose for which our God has created us.

God has created the first driver less vehicle. The spirit is not in control. The spirit does not even need to be in the back seat looking over our shoulder. The spirit is left to wonder what the purpose is when the vehicle can go wherever it wants without seeking assistance from the driver.

It is our spirit that connects us to God. It is our spirit that seeks unity with the one you know by the name you know Him.

Why then do we disconnect from the very source of the life that we have? That we consider ourselves so clever and intellectual, with such great scientific and technological wonders that we do not need to acknowledge the spirit within.

Does our spirit have a voice?

The spirit in each and every one of us is seeking to be heard. We do not listen, we do not take heed of the sound advice and quiet words that come to us. We ignore the spirit at every turn and keep on driving in the same dangerous manner that causes us so much grief.

Can our spirit have a voice?

Only when we are prepared to let go of the need to be the driver at all times.

To sit back and relax, knowing that a safer, more experienced driver will guide us through this journey is a difficult challenge for us all.

Without great fanfare we can allow the spirit within to be expressed through our bodies. Our actions and our words can be an expression of love or an expression of our self centred existence.

Our life is a journey, a process of learning, a process of spiritual growth.

The most beautiful flowers bloom in gardens knee deep in manure.

The voice of the spirit will come from the most trying of circumstances.

The voice of the spirit can be heard if we stop and smell the roses and not the manure.

Blessings to you all