Ever had uninvited guests come to stay, for a few minutes or a few days? The subtle hints do not work, the not so subtle pass straight over their heads.

Ever had those uninvited guests come into your life for no reason other than to cause you grief and aggravation. These are not only uninvited but malicious, insidious and aggressive people who have no other cause in their life than to create trouble for others.

Their life is so devoid of any sort of fulfilment or meaning that the need to connect in any manner possible overrides common decency and eventually any concept of legality.

We live in a world that this type of person has access to a legal system that devotes much of its time and energies to providing the system as the weapon of choice.

It is not a coincidence that we are entering into a police state. We are bombarded with information from all sectors of the media. That information is constantly telling us how we need to protect ourselves from the various forms of violence. From the terrorist and his/her guns, bombs and all sorts threats against our personal well-being or that of our friends and family.

Cyber bullies, drug addicts (illicit and pharmaceutical), con men, rapists, murders and other menaces from within our own community are all prime time news material.

None of these are invited guests into our lives. We are told that the solution is for more police, more protection, more cameras, more surveillance, more snooping into our lives in the name of protecting us.

What are they going to protect us from?

I have not invited the terrorist or the protection agencies into my life.

I have invited the legal system to help me in circumstances where I have been attacked with legal manoeuvres only to be hung out to dry by weak and gutless practitioners totally devoid of a moral compass.

We live in a system where the system itself is the weapon of choice. It is a system designed to be a means to control, attack or manipulate individuals and our society as a whole to embrace even more control and authority over our lives.

An invitation is a choice. Nothing I have spoken about can in any way be considered a choice.

We have little freedom to choose. We have little freedom to manoeuvre within the huge amount of regulation that permeates this society.

We only have freedom to turn inward to our spiritual centre. The source of freedom that no person, group or entity can control or manipulate without our consent.

We can connect with our spirit simply through an invitation to connect and listen to that voice inside us that has always been there.

All that garbage out there will always be there in some form or another but it can only control that which we let it. It cannot control our spirit unless we give the system the power to do just that.

Blessings to you all