Do we have one? Is there a future beyond the consequences of the screw ups and arrogant deception of those who do not want to see what is so evident to everyone else.

Can there be a future that is not scarred by the events of today and the events that will unfold as our near future unfolds with us?

No one can tell the future. No one can hope to understand the subtle nuances of life that move us in directions barely imagined.

No one can tell when an event will occurr.

However, it is becoming apparent that the consequences are already showing around us if you want to look.

What does the future hold for us? What are the signs that are happening to us and to those around the neighbourhood.

Climate change is real. Obvious to all except those who do not wish to pay for the clean up of the mess that is at the root of the problem. Obvious to all except those who wish to continue profiting from the exhaustion of our resources. Obvious to all except those who accept no responsibility for the well being of those around them.

Financial systems are running on thin ice. The basis of the world economy is not based on real production or dealing with real things. It is running on a simple theory that someone will pay more for something tomorrow than was paid yesterday. When the last buyer buys, look out below. The markets are based on many people getting it wrong and a few getting it right. Not always the same few but it is the winners taking it from the losers.

Agriculture is on an unsustainable path to its own destruction. The modern concepts of using compounds that are never found in nature as a means of control of various problems is fundamentally flawed. The financial systems that surround all businesses will impact agriculture to a greater degree as fewer and fewer understand the relationship between farmer and the eco system.

Medicine is on the same path as agriculture. The only difference is that it is us that is suffering the impact of these untried and unproven compounds and not the environment. The research is measured in billions of dollars yet disease and disorders of the many and varied kinds are not abating.

Telecommunications are a great gift that helps grease the wheels of commerce. It has given us a greater chance to be connected . The cost, however, is a massive increase in exposure to radiation that once again is not found in nature.

Do we have a future? For the best part of 200,000 years humanity has been around in the form we are today. We have conquered the world and made it our own.

We have subjugated it to our own purpose.

Its a pity that our great educational and intellectual capacity cannot see past the end of the nose on our face and see the danger.

Put rather simply, if any one of those rather large dominoes above falls there will be no protection for anyone.

Blessing to you all