Health ?

What is Health? Can it be defined in any real sense other than the negative of not being sick?

Our health should be defined in very stark terms.

The natural function of the body is to constantly return to a state of good health. No matter what the event is, the body puts its resources into returning to health.

Our health system does not allow this to happen.

Disease is not an event. Disease is not a problem that can be solved by a procedure or a medication.

Disease is a process. It always has a beginning, a middle and an end.

This is the process. However, modern medication does not look at what the beginning may have been, it looks at the point of the process that is in front of it and proceeds to address the issue without regard to the end.

The end is always a hoped for recovery and good health. But when the disease is treated in a manner that increases the load on the bodies recovery systems the end is not always very satisfactory.

The load on our bodies can be quite horrific. Most, if not all, pharmaceuticals are substances that have no or little natural base. The body cannot recognise these substances as real and must try to understand how to metabolise and use these in the manner that they are intended.

The body has a natural reaction to use or reject and remove in the common manner what it does not recognise. How can the body respond in a positive and useful manner when it does not know what the substance is?

Are “natural” medicinal preparations any better?

Many of the natural properties in these preparations are indeed natural. Unfortunately there are many fillers of various kinds that can create as much of a problem as pharmaceuticals.

The bombardment of our bodies from the world of poisons surrounding us in the environment places such a huge load that the body cannot sustain the natural process of removing these foreign elements.

When our bodies become sick from the impact of the environment, non natural solutions to the problem are used and no real idea of what the end result should look like, what hope do we have of good health.

Good health is in our own hands. Only we can make sure our bodies have a chance to recover from the impacts of all facets surrounding our lives.

We can have good health, but we must take control.

Good health will not be given to us but there is a very real chance that it will be taken from us.

Blessing to you all