A Prophesy.

A domino will soon fall.

At first it will seem like a non event. An event seemingly insignificant to almost everyone. An event that probably will not be known by many people as it will not make the 6 o’clock news.

It will be seen, monitored, measured and discussed along with a myriad other things in the course of daily events, locally and globally.

However, will it matter? The simple answer is that it will be seen with the 20/20 vision of hindsight that this was the beginning of a series of dominoes that will fall in succession.

This is a prophesy of geology.

Is climate change real?

You can deny it all you want but it will still bite you on the arse the way reality always bites no matter what our point of view.

The change in climate is not linear. It is not even exponential.

Climate is, and has always been, an accelerating frame of reference. It has always been dynamic with subtle variations and nuances that seem to take centuries or millennia to see significant change.

The massive movements of energy that accompany these changes requires a new vision of how this earth survives and thrives.

The energies of and surrounding this earth of ours are separate but bound to the bodies and spirits that inhabit this intricate and diverse system.

While we, the bodies and spirits, are a seemingly static or linear moving system the energies surrounding us are moving in a dance of their own making.

The possibility of climate change at variance to the expected natural change is an all too stark a reality.

This is what is going to bite us.

The short version of this outline is that our science still has a very limited understanding of the forces that shape and mould our destiny.

The order of energies surrounding and binding us are always in a state of dynamic and mercurial interaction.

The change in order of these energies is difficult to discern from our vantage point with linear hindsight. Couple this with the unwillingness to accept change in any form with out that proverbial bite on the rear end makes attention to this prophesy almost certainly minimal at best.

What exactly is this prophesy?

That this period of time around the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere will be seen as the beginning of rapid acceleration in the rate of change of geological features of and around the world.

In particular this will impact Polar Ice, sea levels and an increase in the magnitude of earthquakes.

Is it too late to impact and mitigate the consequences of this change?

Simple answer. Yes.

This Solstice is the point of no return. It has been too late for more than 30 years. All we have changed is the timing, we have set the course of events in place.

Blessing to you all