Prophesy #2

What does a domino look like? A small black thing with dots or some other marker on it and used as a game for amusement or chance.

When stood on their end close to each other then we have the possibility of a cascading effect that is again for amusement or chance depending on the starting point.

When used in the manner of understanding the next consequence of previous actions the game of dominoes quickly loses its connotations of a game. The game of chance quickly becomes a game of Russian Roulette.

The prophesy that Climate Change has reached the point of no return, that the change is at a point of acceleration in a frame of reference that is constantly in a state of natural flux is a call for deep reflection.

The obvious consequence promoted as the scare tactic of so many climate models and political extremists (of both ends of the spectrum) is not the reality.

The views that the extremes promote are either total denial or that the planet is to become a desert wasteland.

What is my prophesy?

The human body has a built in mechanism to return to health no matter what the accident or disease happens to be.

So it is with nature and all the interwoven systems that are an integral part of this diverse and wonderful creation.

This planet is not about to become a desolate wasteland without any hope for human habitation.

The point of no return, the point of acceleration of change is not the beginning of the end for humanity.

It is the beginning of the next phase of the natural cycle that we, as the inhabitants of this planet, have caused to come about.

The earth is starting the process of cleansing its native systems. It will rid itself of irritants. It appears sick and unwell by any measure. it will cough and splutter as any unwell body does.

This is not to picture it as the death throes of a dying planet but as the mechanism to remove those irritants that are making it sick.

This planet will never be the same again, neither will we.

Blessing to you all


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