The Law in action.

I have had the recent experience of watching the law in action. At least that was the purpose of the event.

I saw it from the perspective of being a participant. Up close and personal. This was in a particular city and a particular courtroom. It could have been any court room in any city but this was very personal to me.

Finding the place was no problem. Just go to the centre of the city, find the most expensive real estate, the flashiest building on the block and you will find the court.

Look at the clothes and it is immediately obvious who are the lawyers and who they are representing.

Watch the flash suits and/or the heels and trim clothes interacting with the familiarity of close relationships from continually meeting in these hallowed halls. These are the opposing counsel who are working for you.

Watch the quiet conversations between opposing counsel as they discuss the possible outcome(s) of the case while their clients are looking on without receiving a glance or consultation.

Look at the clothes of the plaintiffs and/or defendants. Not too many flash clothes in sight. Suits obviously brought from the back of the cupboard for the event. Some dusted of nicely but still showing the age. Some obviously from a different era of fashion and very much a different era of health and weight.

Ladies in plain dresses, looking as nice as possible. The lines on their faces showing the strain of these proceedings. None of these people were wealthy by any stretch. No one there was able to afford the lawyers who were in charge of their representation. Yet without them they are all at the mercy of those same lawyers.

All of us, me included, are simply grist for the mill. We supply the money for the hallowed halls of justice to reign from their lofty ivory towers. Totally removed from the dispensing of justice to sitting in judgement based on law that is indecipherable to all but those who know how to lie with a straight face and twist words to suit the occasion.

The law is so obviously about money. Justice and protection against the legal “guns for hire” who use the law for their own personal benefit and gain are nowhere to be seen.

Without the law there is only anarchy.

When the law fails to protect the society in which it resides. When it becomes a tool for injustice and a weapon in the hands of “guns for hire” who have no qualms about using it for their own purposes at the best possible price then we have anarchy.

There is no law to protect you. We have anarchy. We have a police state where the law is a weapon to suppress and subjugate.

We live in disturbing times.

This is not a prophesy.

This is the reality of today.

Blessing to you all.