Healing Crisis.

This planet will survive anything that humanity does to it. It is without doubt already sick. It is without doubt needing to heal. It is without doubt that we are not doing anything to help this healing process.

However, it is also without doubt that when, not if, this planet does start to heal there will be a healing crisis of prolonged and dramatic impact.

What is a healing crisis?

When a body has to go through the many processes in order to achieve healing the body can seem even sicker and sicker. Many people give up through this process as they would rather stay sick the way they are than to “put up with” the seemingly worse journey of gaining health.

What will this look like for a planet?

The organic nature of this creation tells us that this has been happening since creation began. Our understanding of the records embedded in the earth throughout history show us that the world always has a form of life that survives.

What this healing crisis will mean is that humanity may well be swept aside in the process of healing the wounds we have created.

This is the prophesy.

The Earth will experience a healing crisis of prolonged and dramatic impact. Humanity will be involved in an ever changing play of nature and our rigid systems of survival.

Humanity will struggle to survive the impact of its own seeds of destruction. Our ability to adapt will be tested to the nth degree. Our resolve will be tested. Our desire to survive will be tested. Many will not wish to survive as they only see the drama of the healing.

Will the spirit within us call us to action before this crisis hits us with the full broadside? Probably not. Most crises are on top of us before we can react.

Not this one. We know that this is going to end badly. We know that we will have to act in ways we do not yet understand. However, why wait for the inevitable to hit us before we accept that we will need to be adaptable to survive.

Survival is straight forward. We will need food, water and shelter.

We live in a world where we have given control of these basic requirements to others and have lost touch with the skills necessary to implement strategies of basic survival.

History will prove that we are our own worst enemy.

Blessings to you all


One thought on “Healing Crisis.

  1. Shani

    Interesting perspective. I use to believe in the idea of a dooms day apocalypse and that all humanity will eventually kill off itself with all the destruction we have done out of sin. Now though, I believe completely the opposite as I see humanity learning from our mistakes and coming together to improve on ourself with the same energy as our destructive selves but now to improve. I see things to come to be very good actually which seems unbelievable.


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