What is sin?

An interesting concept, one a lot of people consider only to be that of deliberately doing something wrong.

Sin can be described as breaking the law.

How does that concept hold water when the law is the weapon of choice that is used to avoid punishment or worse, to inflict revenge or actually commit an offence against innocent people.

How can sin be described as breaking the law when the law becomes a contributing factor in the sin or indeed be the sin itself?

This applies whether the law is of governance, scripture or the jungle.

Sin can be described as making mischief.

A practical joke is in the eye of the beholder. It is relative to the perceptions of the one on the receiving end.

The spreading of rumours with small but false words is a sin. However, is it the one who starts this or would it be a greater sin to spread false words.

How can sin be described as making mischief if we are unaware that mischief is being made yet we are complicit in the continuation of falsehoods.

Sin can be described as being separated from God.

Job was separated from God. Not by Job’s choices but by the Word from God that he be handed over to Satan to be tested because God believed he was an honest and upright man.

Did Job sin in his separateness from God.

Is it a sin to make a mistake?

It could also be argued that it is a sin not to make a mistake. If we are to learn we will make mistakes.

The person who never made a mistake never made anything. The person who commits to following The Word will make many mistakes along that path. Learning can be tough going with each new experience bringing new questions that lead to new experiences.

God watches each mistake and sees hope in that person as they struggle with the journey.

Our sin is in our choice to deliberately separate ourselves from God. To deliberately ignore the spirit within us all. The spirit that is connected to our Lord. The spirit that can speak to God. The spirit that can hear God’s response to us.

To believe in our own human condition to such an arrogant degree that we do not need God. To believe we have all the answers to questions that have not been asked yet but know we will be able to find the answers when the need arises.

This is arrogance and pride. It comes not long before the fall.

Job was a man. God stood back and let things fall as they would without His interference.

Humanity is Job. God is standing back and letting things fall as they will.

Sin is not seeking the guidance of the one who created us all.

Blessings to you all