When the answer seems out of reach.


&*%*& happens. Seems to keep happening.

What next? Does God hear our prayer? Does He answer if He is listening?

Doesn’t seem to. I need the answer now.

Been there. Done that. Got the Tee Shirt.

Actually, it seems to be tattooed on my forehead rather than an a garment that I can discard. I can’t seem to get past the stuff happening that I need to keep praying about.

Light bulb moment. I am right where I need to be. Talking to Him all the time. Not just in times of trouble, although there does not seem to be much else at the moment.

Do I need the answer right now? Maybe not. Maybe the answer is still coming in a manner that I do not recognise. Maybe the answer is to sit still and smell the roses and accept that my circumstances should change in a way that I do not yet understand.

Maybe those changes are actively happening without my knowledge, behind the scenes as it were.

Maybe the driving force that is behind this blog, the frustration in dealing with issues outside my control or influence, is exactly what is needed to create this dialogue between God and myself.

This blog is for the benefit of anyone who cares to read it. The greatest benefit is to myself in my understanding of God’s calling of me.

I sit down to write this each day. It is a commitment that I have made to myself to come to terms with the situation I am in. To see a future for myself in the world as I expect it to become.

A world in which the future seems to be heading for rapid and uncontrolled change brought about by our own arrogance and deliberate ignorance of our collective impact.

Maybe the trouble I am facing is simply a wake up call to the future I am to inherit. Preparation, to be ready for anything, a learning curve of a situation that is coming that I will have no control or influence over.

Maybe the change will be in the detail, not the script.


It is all conjecture. Is there anything definitive about what is going through my mind?


But there is certainly a lot of conversation going on in my head about the future and my role in it.

The interesting part is that the trouble I am facing is of the present. The future is not so scary or complex. Somehow I can deal with the future. What it looks like, where I will be, what I will be doing does not seem to matter. It simply will be what it is going to be and I will deal with it.

Does God hear my prayer?

Doesn’t seem to.

I have just had a conversation with Him and the future seems to be a good place for me.

This blog is His answer. I get to ask any question I like and consider the possibilities and I always come to a point that gives me comfort.

This blog makes me sit and consider the answers. Even, or especially, those that I do not always want to hear.

I also get a lot of answers that no one has suggested to me in all the reading that I have done. Since starting this blog my insights have changed and developed.

Does God hear my prayer?

Yes. However, He wants it to be a conversation.

Blessings to you all