The darkest hour.

The darkest hour will always be just before the dawn.

This is true whether the subject is the actual or metaphorical.

How can we tell if this is the darkest hour? Why not just another day of interminable garbage that life throws at us? Are there darker hours to come before the new dawn approaching?

What transcends all other messages that lead us to believe this is it, the darkest of the dark?

How does the spirit know that this is it.

The spirit is the only means of transcending the void that lies between the knowledge of our conscious mind and true understanding.

How does the spirit express this to us? Is it through our conscious mind, our dreams, lucid dreaming or none of the above?

Does God talk to us directly? Does God actually speak to our spirit in a direct and open manner that simply needs us to sit still and listen?

God is a God of love and compassion. He is sensitive to our needs and wants us to have an relationship that is open and honest.

Do we allow this to happen? Not often. Not in a manner that is accepting of Him. We live in a world of denial of His presence. We live in a world that questions His very existence.

How can we listen if we do not know what we are listening to?

How do we know when is the darkest hour?

How do we know that the small voice within us is wishful thinking or the Word of God?

I have heard the voice, I have listened and I know that tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow the sun will shine a little brighter. The sky a will be a little clearer. The stress of life a little slower and the burden a little lighter.

The Spirit that is God has spoken to the spirit that is me and the world is a much better place.

It is a better place for no other reason than God has spoken and I have heard.

Blessing to you all