Making decisions.

Crunch time has come. What do we do? Why do we need to do what we need to do? Who says we need to do it anyway?

Critical questions or a means of procrastinating?

Are decisions forced on us by others, our society or culture dictates or is it simply necessary to act on this decision?

If the answer is not a simple one then we have a moral dilemma to consider. There must be broader consequences to think of, for other people, strangers or friends alike. Flow on effects that we only have a vague feeling about but we know something is not quite right.

To stop and think it through is to be considerate. To hold back until we know the decision is the correct one or at least narrow the field of possibilities is to care for the consequences.

Where does our spirit come into all this? Does our spirit come into it at all?

It is our spirit that creates the moral dilemma.

If we only had to worry about the consequences for ourselves then the decision would be a very simple, if totally selfish, one.

Our spirit knows what it is that we want. The spirit also knows the right thing to do.

That will always be our moral dilemma. The choice between right and wrong, good and bad, selfish and caring.

These choices are not always seen clearly in black and white. The choices will never be black and white. Life does not give us simple choices that will be seen in such a simple light.

To navigate through life we need to have a moral compass. A means to follow the twists and turns of an ever changing landscape.

We have developed a society that lacks this sort of moral reading of decision making.

We have a legal system that sees the law as a means to an end without any consideration as to the morality of any given action.

We have a law enforcement system that tells us who the bad guys are at every election yet every election this has to be reinforced with more bad guys out there. We always need more law enforcement officers to feel safe. So we are constantly told.

We have a political system that makes decisions outside the framework that was set up to deal with decision making. Democracy no longer exists as parliament is a rubber stamp for the side with the most numbers. Parliament is no longer a place of debate but a place to grandstand without any pretence of changing the end result.

How can our decision making change any of this?

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

Our decision making has to be guided by our internal moral compass. We can complain and carry on about others and their decision making but we must look hard at ourselves first.

We must make our decisions with consideration, care and observance of the possible consequences.

We must be sure that we are the good people who do something, even where that is in the very simple manner of the way we make our own decisions.

Blessing to you all