What does it mean to survive?

What is the calamity that has happened that could have brought about our death or other less dramatic endings?

Whatever it was, it is done and now history.

What is coming that we need to survive? What is out there that will undo the hard work we have put into our lives to this point and produce an outcome that is not only against our interests but perhaps deadly to our lives or at least our finances?

How do we tell truth from fiction? How do we get our bull*&*^ meter into working order so we can have , at the very least, a clear and direct message of what is actually happening in the here and now?

The sad truth is that we are not told anything. We live our lives in ignorant bliss, unaware of the many and varied ways that we could be impacted by events, small and large, that we are not informed about.

We live in a world that is completely unsustainable.

How do we survive when that world comes to that point, the point where one of those unsustainable dominoes falls?

We have created systems that are vulnerable.

We have created systems that rely on someone, somewhere, making money from every transaction that occurs in the process of delivery of of that system.

These systems are overcomplicated, over technical and promoted as some sort of saviour of mankind when in fact they are simply a means of someone, somewhere making money.

Social media has become one of the greatest time wasting creations ever invented and sold as some sort of benefit to humanity.

The internet itself is a repository for such a vast amount of twaddle and/or deliberate misinformation that it is increasingly difficult to make rational use of what is available.

(Don’t worry, I am very much aware that I am using the internet for this blog.)

This is an observation about the misuse of a powerful resource that is being used in a manner that is not to our best advantage.

The scary part is the amount of our lives being committed to the electronic processes that also use this media.

If social media and the internet stopped tomorrow our lives would be altered, for better or worse. The thought of surviving the calamity, if that is what it would be, would require adjustment in thinking yet we would survive except for those intensely addicted to screen time.

Is there a plan B for things going wrong.

Many people do not have enough food in the house to last beyond the next two days.

Many people, possibly as many as 60%, do not have financial resources to make a $400 emergency payment.

Many people are already making the choice as to paying the power bill or eating.

Will we survive?

The macro systems that control our lives are bloated and overloaded with processes that leach money from us all at every turn.

Those processes are bleeding us dry and hold us captive as we have allowed our choices to be drained away.

These macro systems are vulnerable therefore we are vulnerable.

To be a survivor we need to put in place our own Plan B.

There is no one out there who will do it for you.

If there is I can guarantee that you will never be able to afford it.

Blessings to you all