Plan B

What does a Plan B look like?

Many of us are already in a state of chaos where we are lacking in the fundamental necessities of life through no fault of our own. We have been essentially cast aside from those who enjoy success.

We are simply the ones who have to pay for the “success” of those who have money and consider themselves smarter than most of us because of this.

One simple rule stands out.

No one can eat money. You cannot drink it, eat it, sniff it or smoke it. Money cannot keep you warm at night. All those little 0’s and 1’s that have come to constitute money cannot even be used for wall paper or any other sort of paper.

A Plan B will obviously need to incorporate the necessities of life.

Simply put, food, water and shelter.

This is an investment that we all need to make. Without these essentials of life we are at the mercy of the elements.

The political atmosphere is to label any who need assistance in some form or another to be free loaders on the economy. There is no political will from any part of the political spectrum to assist those who need help.

The future has many possibilities. That it is on an unsustainable course and probably past the point of no return is only questioned by those who make the most money from the status quo.

How can we make this into a Plan B?

A Plan B needs a community. It needs to be able to express itself in a safe environment where answers come from considered and carefully implemented concepts.

No one person can ever be so clever that they will know all the answers. It is doubtful if knowing the answers at this stage is of any use.

We can only guess at what the questions may be in a year or more. We can only guess at what the climatic, economic, financial is likely to be.

To know answers would be to know what God knows, and that is to know the questions to ask.

To have confidence in the future, no matter what the fears, requires a confidence in God, by whatever name you know Him.

There can be no confidence in the world as we know it. We are already victimised by it. Many are treated quite brutally by the economic regime that exists around us.

There can be no faith in political authority that will convince the vast majority of people that we can be looked after. It is quite evident that we are already suffering the ill effects.

Plan B starts with like minded friends.

Plan B starts with you.

Blessings to you all