Genesis – A book of prophecy.

Genesis chapter 1 verses 1 through 23. These are prophetic words of scripture given by God.

The story relates to the beginning of creation through to the fifth day in which the day and night were made and He was pleased with the result.

The purpose of scripture, the “meaning of life” in a nutshell, is to bring together an individual with their God by whatever name we know Him.

The purpose of this passage is to outline the process through which each of us must travel to pass into a relationship with God as we experience Him.

In the beginning our faith is formless. Without definition, light or dark, unable to tell the difference between the earth and sky, day or night, land or sea.

This passage is a short and simple acknowledgement that we emerge through a process, each stage taking us into a more understanding relationship with Him.

Each stage brings us into a closer understanding of Him and the journey we are on. Each stage brings us to a greater depth of knowledge.

Each stage brings an acknowledgement from Him that He likes what He sees and it is good.

The fifth day in which He creates day and night is the day He opens our eyes to the wonders of this world and the less than wonderful things we have done to this earth.

We can only emerge to this reality from the “dark night of the soul” in the formless morass that is our spiritual birthplace.

Faith, our spiritual awareness, cannot be learned from a book. It cannot be learned from a guru, priest or some other person. It cannot come as a birthright or acceptance into some church or other quasi religious organisation.

Faith can only be experienced.

Faith can only grow from the formless morass that is the beginning of every faith journey.

God watches each step and sees that it is good. Success is not a pass or fail grading of each effort. It is an acknowledgement that He is watching and accepts each endeavour as a good result.

The relationship we have with our God, by whatever name you know Him, is one that grows day by day.

There is a beginning but there is no end if we choose to continue on the path that is presented to us.

Scripture is only prophetic.

It is not written about law, sacrifices, rituals, dogma, services or for any other purpose. It was not written for any of the myriad organisations that profess to be the “face” of God’s Word in this world.

Scripture is God’s Word speaking to you.

Blessings to you all