Genesis – Day 6

We live in a world of law and science. A place where we are in control. A place where we can dictate the terms of engagement. A place where political smarts override common sense. The setting aside of morality and ethical debate which may get in the way of doing what we want.

Our spiritual growth is approaching the end of Day 6 in the book of Genesis. Our faith is still in the development stage of life leading to maturity.

The animals are being created. The process of evolution has not finished. The process of spiritual growth has not finished.

We are being created in the image of God. We are being created as He wants us to be. That process is ongoing and unrelenting. It will not stop until He has created the the spiritual awareness that will place Him at the centre of our lives.

We are so caught up in our own cleverness and brilliance. Of our own ability to control our environment, both physical and spiritual, that we disregard the prophetic aspects of the scriptures.

We have a faith in our ability to predict the future. We have futurologists, market commentators, market analysts, weather forecasters, climate models ad nauseam.

We used to have gypsies, fortune tellers and even the likes of Nostrodamus and other people and/or groups capable of telling our future.

We just change the names and the details. We do not change the ability to use flim flam to extract money from us to speak the words we want to hear.

Prophecy is not about the telling of the future. It is not an ability to time the market, to make investment decisions or to choose the right partner.

Prophecy is about the willingness to embrace a decision making process where morality and ethics are of prime importance.

There are consequences to every action. The consequences of lies and deceit, of deliberate and blatant political manoeuvring in whatever sphere we inhabit all have consequences.

Day 6 of Genesis should be a wake up call. God rests on Day 7, His work complete.

We are approaching the end of Day 6. This is the prophetic Word of God. We have grown in faith, our journey will always be unknown in the twists and turns that confront us.

It is in how we travel on that journey that we make things harder for ourselves.

We will be made in His image. We will be held accountable for our actions and the consequences of our actions. We will not be able to hide or lay blame elsewhere.

Blessings to you all