Genesis – Adam & Eve

The beginning of our spiritual journey. We have been created for this journey, this path to Day 7 when God rests because His work is complete.

Adam and Eve are not two mythical characters in some obscure work recording the days of the oracles and story tellers of antiquity.

They are you and me.

They are the central characters in this relationship with the God who created us. We do not get to sit on the sidelines watching, commentating, analysing and judging from a position moral superiority.

We are the central characters who will be watched and judged according to the standards we set for ourselves.

We have been created from the dust of the ground. Life has been given to us by the God who did the creating.

God also created a garden for us. A place of sanctuary, a place for food, water and shelter. A place that was for relaxation and pleasure.

In this garden we also have access to understanding of life and the knowledge of right and wrong.

Four great streams of knowledge run through this garden, the source of wealth and abundance for all those who live in the garden.

We were placed in this garden, the world we live in today. We have been given this abundance, freely and openly, without restriction.

We, that is you and me, have chosen to explore the understanding of right and wrong. We have made this choice, fully understanding the consequences of this choice.

Yet we still carry on regardless of the consequences. We make political choices, we want to get our own way, we use force or coercion, make laws that punish or profit, judge on colour, race, creed or any other attribute that makes someone different.

We have chosen to understand right and wrong yet we choose to be blind to the consequences. This is the death we choose every time we make those choices.

We are the first Adam. We make decisions. We make wrong decisions all the time. We need help to make the right ones. God understands this and has created Eve as our helper.

Eve is not a vagina for the pleasure of the masculine. She is the conscious spirit within us all.

Eve is the spirit that gives us the ability and responsibility to make decisions. She is that annoying small voice that makes us think before we act. She is that grating sense of right and wrong in all our decisions.

Eve is our helper.

Adam and Eve become one.

Adam and Eve are united in one body.

Adam and Eve are body and spirit.

We are Adam and Eve.

Blessing to you all