Genesis – The Fall

I take issue with the literal reading of the Genesis narrative. The Word has been scewed to suggest that we, that is humanity in general, was set up to fail.

The actions of two people have led to punishments of all of humanity due to the simple effect of listening to the words of the deceiver.

We have a God of love and compassion, not a god of anger and retribution.

We have not fallen. We have been given responsibility for our own actions.

We have not sinned. We have been given the opportunity to choose whether we sin or not.

Eve does not represent womankind, she represents the spirit within us all.

We are Adam and Eve. We are all Adam with the spirit of Eve within us.

Adam, (that is all of us), has chosen to blame the spirit (it is always someone or thing other than us) for the choices he has made.

We hide from God because we are naked. We know we are exposed, vulnerable and wish to avoid the consequences of our actions.

We are all vulnerable to the serpent.

Who is the serpent?

The serpent is our collective humanity. The group that makes demands of us to toe the line in how we act, live and work with and alongside others.

To live outside this group is to be ostracised. To be outside the collective group is to be alone and vulnerable. We choose to live within the parameters that this group decides is best for us.

For us in this present day is to embrace democracy. This is not a political movement. It is simply mob rule in a suit.

Wars are fought, laws enacted, economic actions taken that I cannot accept. Yet I have no recourse, no action to take that would allow my voice to be heard. Decisions are made behind closed doors, debate is quashed, dissent “discouraged”.

I cannot fight the serpent. The serpent will win. I can only fight the serpent on his territory.

I can, however, choose not to follow his dictates. I can choose to live my life on my terms. I can choose to follow the Word of my God. The serpent does not control that territory.

We have not fallen, we have the gift of responsibility for our own actions.

Blessings to you all