Genesis – Cain and Abel

Lets face it. What family doesn’t have problems?

Is the story of Cain and Abel much different from a great many families. The petty jealousies, cutting remarks, shifting alliances and all the inevitable power plays that go on behind the scenes.

Is scripture dealing with our own family or our global family?

Not really any need to contemplate. This story embraces all aspects of our humanity. From our personal relationships to those of the global sphere.

The world stage, with so many seemingly great and gifted people, is populated with the same petty squabbles as the dinner table.

Cain was angry because he was not looked on in the way he thought he should have been. He killed his brother because his brother was.

Our sins will find us out and we bear the consequences. We may not like those consequences and we try to avoid them where possible.

This does not work, our sins catch up with us. We can make excuses, fudge the records, avoid the issue but at the end of the day we will have to face the consequences.

Cain was driven from his home. He was fearful that he would be killed by anyone who felt like it.

The Lord put a mark on him to protect him.

Even though Cain was banished from his home it was not out of the sight of God.

It was God’s doing that Cain was banished.

It is not for us to assume the role of God and decide to kill those we believe should be killed according to our fears and/or political aspirations.

This story is a prophetic story. It speaks to the life in this world. A world where a life has a price according to where that life is situated.

A world where a life actually has a negative value and can be eliminated without cause for introspection or accountability.

We obviously consider this in the matter of warfare. A military that has the fire power and mechanisms to inflict direct and immediate damage to targets large and small.

However, what does this say about the other corporate sectors in this “free” society.

Our medical system is ruled by corporate profits. The dissemination of drugs through marketing strategies aimed at market share rather than providing the best possible medical care.

Our legal system is based on profits. The law is abused at every turn. Not by law breakers but by those who profess to uphold the system. The truth is secondary and only used where it suits the narrative being told.

We have a media controlled by a small number of individuals. What is considered newsworthy is in the hands of these people. If the story is to be told it must fit the narrative that is considered by these people to be suitable for their own agenda.

We live in a world where we are told who the enemy is.

Take a close look at Cain and Abel. It is a world of petty jealousies that are totally out of hand.

Take a look at our world. It is a world of petty jealousies totally out of hand.

Are we Abel, the good guy, or are we Cain, the bad guy?

We do not get to choose who the bad guys are.

We get to choose whether we are the bad guy or not.

There is a price on your head whichever you choose.

Blessing to you all