Genesis – From Adam to Noah

Was there ever a first Adam? Who was he? Where did he come from?

To interpret the scriptures is similiar to interpreting a dream.

The spirit within us speaks by drawing word or visual pictures. In our physical world we try to make sense of these pictures by relating to the physical dimensions and stories that we have seen.

When we look at the written account of Adam to Noah we can see the symbolism of God’s Word.

Adam is an expression of all of humanity and also an expression of us as individuals. We are all male and female, created by God in His likeness. We have all been blessed by God.

These simple statements capture the relationship of “Adam” (mankind) to the God who created him.

What of this list of men, their ages and their children?

What is the word picture that this list draws for us?

There are many overlapping generations. The extended family is a rich and diverse group of young and old, rich and poor with all the family politics and support that goes with such a large group of generations.

Life is for the living. Death is a constant reminder that all things have a use by date yet all have a purpose no matter the longevity of the person.

There is no mention of good or bad, faithful or unfaithful or any reference to marriage or responsibility for raising these children.

This is a picture of mankind in all its diversity.

Time is not relevant. Mankind in its diversity has been around for a long time but change is a constant no matter the longevity of the participants and their grand plans.

This particular picture ends with the birth of Noah. A central character in the coming narrative.

This picture is not an historical account of people long gone.

It is a narrative of the beginning of humanity to the present day. The day of you and I. The day when we all must take notice of what we are doing.

The world is not about to end. The world is changing.

Noah represents change. Noah represents continuation of the family of God. The story of Noah represents dramatic change in the history of mankind.

This story is the story of mankind with all of its ever changing faces.

We can all be Noah.

Blessing to you all