Genesis – Wickedness in the world

This passage portrays our God as one who is intolerant, angry and not willing to consider the people that He had created.

Many are the interpretations of this passage.

Many are those who will only believe what they want to suit the situation.

And that is the whole point of this story.

This is about blame. And God naturally gets the blame for not being tolerant of His people.

The “sons of God” were those who elevate themselves above the rest of the human population and portray themselves as divine. This includes the god-kings of antiquity to those who wish to be popes, archbishops and such like.

The nephilim were the offspring of these people and used the position of implied authority of mummy or daddy to preside over the lives of others.

God knows what He created. He knows the path humanity will take. It is no surprise to Him that we are doing exactly what He expects us to do.

This story is about one man that represents all who try to do what is right and to find favour in His eyes.

This is a story of consequences. A story of responsibility.

Not as individuals. We can only accept accountability for decisions and acts of our own making.

This is a story of collective accountability. We know we have screwed up with so many things collectively. Our resources, our climate, disregard for welfare of animals and our societies dependant ad infinitum.

This passage is written by human hands and mind. It says that God finds us wicked. It does not say this is the Word of God. It is the voice of a man reacting as the man would if his children acted in the manner that humanity has.

Noah had a future. He had three sons to carry on after him. Whatever the story says, it is clear that God intended the human family to continue.

The flood is a collective description for a calamity that will impact all of humanity. No one will escape the consequences.

The flood is about a life changing event. Life changing for all regardless of social standing, belief system or scientific background.

God still wants to establish a covenant with Noah. Noah has a future in his sons. The world around us has a future with every kind of animal and bird to be kept alive.

No matter the magnitude of the change life will continue with God.

We can be Noah if we choose to be.

Blessings to you all