Genesis – The flood

This is not an historical account of something that happened a long time ago in a land far far away. A children’s tale of suspense and mystery with a moral outcome.

This is as relevant today as it was when it was written. A prophetic work for all generations.

Noah was told to build an Ark. A place of sanctuary against the coming flood. A place not only for himself and his family but also for the many creatures of God’s creation.

We can all be Noah. We can all build an Ark as a place of sanctuary. We can all build a place where the animals and birds, those outside our immediate responsibility, are protected from the consequences of actions over which we have no control.

There are always circumstances over which we have no control yet we are affected to as great a degree as those who cause the issues.

We cannot escape any of the consequences of such an issue as a flood, the impact does not discriminate.

Will it be an actual flood? Maybe, maybe not. With climate change who can predict what the result may be in the near or distant future.

The flood could be any of a myriad of things that this society and culture has put into place. We have economic, financial, media, communications, political systems and a host of micro systems that could all fall over from our all consuming belief in our ability to control the outcomes.

This world has been subject to events that no one can control. From World Wars, economic depressions and recession, Vietnam, Korea and its police actions and into our war on drugs, poverty, terrorism. The list is almost endless.

All have been started for a reason. All have grown out of control of any one person or nation. All continued, or will continue, until the cost was greater than the profits to be gained by those who were gaining the profits.

We are all called to build our Ark, that place of sanctuary that will keep us through the forty days and forty nights of the storm that is coming.

What will that look like. That is for you and your God to decide. What is the storm that will come and impact your world? That a storm is coming is only a question of when, not if.

The world will end as we know it. That is an expectation as the only constant in life is the change that we all experience on a daily basis. What this story tells us is that we must be prepared for those changes that will have such an impact that we and our global neighbours will all feel the consequences.

Noah was an old man yet he was guided to sanctuary with his children and the animals for the world in which he would inhabit after the forty days and nights of the storm had passed.

For those forty days and forty nights, Noah had no control over where he went. How the vessel survived or where he would be when the waters went down.

Yet during those days and nights he was lifted above the waters and safely carried through life until he was once again on dry land.

Faith is not about avoiding problems over which we have no control, it is about riding out the storm and being prepared to navigate the life beyond.

Blessings to you all