Aoife’s Perspectives

Thank you for coming to this page. While this is the beginning of this part of my journey I invite you to continue with me as I work my way through scripture.

Much of the analysis of scripture has been through the education of people with a particular doctrine and dogma. This does not allow views that are contrary or dissenting to be heard and considered valid testimony.

Only through the considered questioning and careful thought and prayer can any scripture be praised as valid.

You will undoubtedly consider my writings different or downright blasphemous depending on your position in life and your faith journey.

Always remember, I consider much of the work that the church has done in the name of God to be blasphemous. The name of God has been used to justify many and varied sins. This has been happening for centuries and is still continuing as we speak.

The church in its many and varied forms has one characteristic in common. It is. and has always been, a political organisation with political agendas. That is, the control of people through the use of laws to create or change behaviours.

I am giving you my understanding of what scripture means. Without any adherence to any denomination or grouping of any sort. Without any agenda to make you think in any manner other than to question your own understanding.

To deepen that understanding so you may grow closer to Him on your journey.