Who is Aoife?

And her Wylde Wood Ways?

My name is Aoife (pronounced “eefa”), given to me during meditation and prayer.

I have always been a feminine spirit in the body of a man. While this has created immense personal difficulties in redneck communities throughout childhood and adulthood, I have grown to appreciate myself for who I am.

Wylde Wood Island is my home, a safe place, a peaceful place. A place where I can express the spirit of who I am while coping with the reality of the world in which we all live.

The writings in The Wylde Wood Ways come from a combination of a spirit released from the restrictions of this world and the new reality that will come to us all.

There is absolutely no doubt that the life of this society is plunging inexorably closer to an end or at the very least a significant global change.

We have created an amazing range of ways in which to bring about our annihilation. Maybe not to the last man and woman but there is no doubt that many will suffer deep distress after the first domino falls.

Wylde Wood Island is a safe place. For myself and all who wish to read my posts or reach out to form an on-line relationship with me. To all in the LGBTQI community you are safe from the endless unspoken words or outright violence still rampant (if less visible) in this society.

However, all who enter the world of Aoife and her Wylde Wood Ways are safe and welcome to explore a new world that we can create, or at least try to understand, before this one collapses under the weight of its own ineptitude.

Blessings to all who read this

Aoife MacAodh